On February 18, 2009, a blog on WordPress was published after being moved from it’s original location entited “Obama Knew He Wasn’t Eligible For POTUS“.  It was written by a think-tank and the project was dubbed ZAPEM as an idiom for that specific thesis.  That blog is now housed at this location for reasons not made public until now.  It’s our hope that being candid about those reasons reveals the underpinnings of a strategy that contains relentless threats, corrupt power, intimidation, lies and more.

When the ZAPEM project ended, one of the girls who participated to its research carried it over to Twitter, adopting it as her moniker.  In an interview I originally had with Michelle, she told me:

I became disenchanted with what became of the issue.  The ZAPEM project simply asked the question that if the Constitution says that only a natural born citizen can become President, why did we witness politicians attempting to legislate candidates into acquiring that status?   That status happens at birth, not on the congressional floor.  These same politicians intimidate a fair media at best and plot with a bad media at worst.  The media knew but they were afraid to touch it.  They told us that this piece was ‘too toxic’, so we decided to blog it ourselves under the project name.  After doing so, we saw ZAPEM reincarnated and interjected into so many interlaced issues across the Internet, many of us felt that our energies would be best served looking into this talk about a Tea Party that Rick Santelli was raving about.  It seemed more productive than watching the .gov hits the blog was taking while .gov pretended they didn’t see it.  We wanted to be where the pretense wasn’t possible.

Rick Santelli calls for Tea party on Floor of Chicago Board of Trade

Michelle joined the Morristown NJ Tea Party group and later joined Twitter on March 13, 2009 in preparation for the first Tax Day Tea Party appropriately scheduled for April 15th.  She shared personal doubts during our talk:

I had no experience at activism.  The very sound of the word was not me.  But Michelle Malkin had the description right when she said that most were average working people, up until 2am on April 14th coloring and pasting print-outs on poster boards because they were that concerned with the direction the country was taking.  It’s the truth and I was one of many at the dining room table at 2am.

Within the social-medium known as Twitter however, the Tea Party experience held a whole new dimension of debate.

People went there to meet up with like-minded individuals, especially those from our own neighborhoods and get the latest information from all sources fast.  Most were new to Twitter like myself.  I don’t think anyone expected the devious plans being made behind our backs.  I watched people try to dismantle the Tea Party through lies and deception that the media was too eager to lap up as true.  The media didn’t just report these lies, but actually joined in and fomented the tale that we were nothing but ‘racists’.  I saw a full force of the most vile attacks on conservatives.  They provoked them just waiting for an angry response they could then feed to this website called The Tea Party Tracker, hosted by Blue State Digital, who just happened to be the same social media campaign creators of

Pro-active researchers began to document the events.  Some wrote blogs, others engaged in talk radio about the events and some, like Michelle, wrote confidential reports to be later sent to the MSM, most of which proved not to know how to handle.  Twitter, Inc. itself, ignored the complaints.

I saw a Christian man being ordered to take down his blog or they would buy an abortion in his name.  When he refused, they not only did so, they put the abortion in the man’s name, hosting the receipt on the web and also sending it to his parish.  They sent pornographic links to the Tea Party, threatened to rape their children, told war moms their sons who had died were in hell and put Sarah Palin up on a cross as a visual crucifixion.  They put our pictures up on Enemies of the Government Hit List and threatened us with their lawyers for protesting out of control spending.  All the while, the political folks behind it were laughing and threatening to drag Tea Party individuals into court with “treason” charges that didn’t exist just to intimidate them.  They said they had lawyers and politicians.  They would rip into a person’s background while hiding behind their own anonymity and deplorable histories.  You have no idea how political this was and continues to be.

Despite the lack of attention from the main-stream media, the accounting became known as “Twittergate” and exploded across the Internet.  Numerous blogs, news articles, personal accountings and videos attest to events now known as “Twittergate – Democrats Hire Twitter Thugs”.

Get yourselves familiar with these video tapes, articles and blogs.  Take particular close attention to the names.  Read the source information below.  You’ll need them later to understand the network behind the thuggery that went on then and that is going on now.   This is where it began.

It was an organized effort and we proved it to the public as collective citizens with rights.  Now we’re going to prove it in court.  The harassment since has been non-stop and has bled into everything from Weinergate to Occupy Wall Street to Anonymous and beyond.  When you expose it, they claim it was a ‘joke‘ and enlist journalists to cover it as a ‘hoax‘.  That’s an interesting story too, because we caught Gawker stealing the evidence while filing complaints against the evidence citing music copyright violations on YouTube.  Yet they don’t seem to have a problem with hanging your picture up alongside Ted Nugent’s and calling you a terrorist for going to a Tea Party event.  The current idea is to threaten citizen journalists who make truthful documentaries of these events, but they have bigger targets such as Rush Limbaugh and Clarence Thomas in their cross-hairs.  They falsely claim libel they can’t prove because the truth is,  these citizen journalists did no such thing.  It’s an intimidation ploy to control people and scare them into submission.  When these thugs don’t obtain that control, they engage in illegal stalking, threats, slandering, swatting and hunting down their families to this day.  We can definitively prove who is responsible and who engaged in that activity.  We opted to move ZAPEM here because we’re dealing with hackers who want personal information that was contained on that blog.  Considering two people were swatted already and libelous character assassinations have occurred, that’s our decision until law enforcement completes their criminal investigations.

This is a story about how the Democrats hired a Twitter-Thug to run their social-media campaign and to smear the Tea Party.  The evidence submitted demonstrates the systematic and deliberate provocation towards people in an attempt to elicit unfavorable responses after a series of malicious and vile attacks.  The idea was to antagonize, collect and present selected responses as proof of “extremism” within the Tea Party.  What you are about to see is the documented account of how this system was implemented, who these people are and who hired them.

Some of the collected material is vulgar and profane. Viewer discretion is advised.
There is a follow-up by Dana Loesch over at PJTV: