I’ll preface this by saying this has probably been the longest two years of our lives, but definitely the most fulfilling.  The friendships that we’ve made along the way shine out the darkness of any enemy, which have been quite a few.  You can’t see it on this blog, but behind the curtain of it were happenings that led to so many doors swinging in different directions that often times we felt the expectations to be too high.  What started out as a group of friends engaged in a completely unrelated activity was the surreal realization that we were thrust into a political battle (often egotistical) of which no one agreed.

We had barely become comfortable with our own skill sets, it seemed impossible to cater to the requests pouring in from people we never imagined we’d ever be later introduced to.  We’re going to tell you about those encounters in the coming posts and share what’s been going on and if you’re still here by then, we have decided upon the road we’re going to travel should you care to join us.

Leo Donofrio -




They say all things happen for a reason.  Who would have thought that a strange man, who hung up his law license to play poker could come on the Internet and have such a profound effect that an equally strange group such as ours would grow and learn out of what he had to say?  What’s more is who would have ever thought that we’d wind up speaking to lawyers, government officials, politicians and taking on the plights of everyday citizens?  And if you ever told us that Andrew Breitbart would have connected to our VoIP channel, we would have told you that you were dreaming too.

Our research was never about finding answers people wanted to hear, but finding answers that were within the research that we had yet to even know existed.  We agree with Leo that a birth certificate is nothing more than a piece of paper, but the meaning behind it can make or break a nation.  To those who are of the mind that finding a piece of paper is the single-minded goal, your quest was not ours.  Ours was to wake the dead and let them speak again – those that wove the laws that built this great nation.  The quest was to find those voices and let them speak and we know they did.  Through the words of George Washington, David Ramsay, George D. Collins, Henry C. Ide and so on, it’s all there, one need only look and put their agendas aside.  The Constitution is not ambiguous as they would have you believe, but let that proof rise where they don’t have time to taint it again as the dissenters have with everything else you’ve spoken to date.  Our time will come…

Until then, this post and this song is dedicated to Leo Donofrio.  Thanks, brother!  You had more impact than you ever knew and we’re sure you still will in the future in whatever form you choose to return, we know you will.


Did you ever think
That we could be so close, like brothers
The future’s in the air
I can feel it everywhere
Blowing with the wind of change
Take me to the magic of the moment
On a glory night
Where the children of tomorrow dream away
in the wind of change

Wind of Change – SCORPIONS

“Wind of Change” was the soundtrack for the end of Communism and the bringing down of the Berlin Wall. We saw that rock music had a huge effect on the younger generation of Russians. They were tired of the whole Communist system. They were tired of being behind the Iron Curtain. We were breaking through the Iron Curtain with Scorpions’ music. We talked to young people back then and they told us that the time of the Cold War would be over soon. As a generation they didn’t want it anymore. I am not saying rock music did that but it was a part of it.Klaus Meine, Vocalist – SCORPIONS

The following segments to come will tell a story that will take much courage and separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.  Rile up your Tea Party.  We’ve got work to do.  If you don’t like getting dirty, the chaff bin is over there.