I’ll preface this by saying this has probably been the longest two years of our lives, but definitely the most fulfilling.  The friendships that we’ve made along the way shine out the darkness of any enemy, which have been quite a few.  You can’t see it on this blog, but behind the curtain of it were happenings that led to so many doors swinging in different directions that often times we felt the expectations to be too high.  What started out as a group of friends engaged in a completely unrelated activity was the surreal realization that we were thrust into a political battle (often egotistical) of which no one agreed.

We had barely become comfortable with our own skill sets, it seemed impossible to cater to the requests pouring in from people we never imagined we’d ever be later introduced to.  We’re going to tell you about those encounters in the coming posts and share what’s been going on and if you’re still here by then, we have decided upon the road we’re going to travel should you care to join us.

Leo Donofrio -




They say all things happen for a reason.  Who would have thought that a strange man, who hung up his law license to play poker could come on the Internet and have such a profound effect that an equally strange group such as ours would grow and learn out of what he had to say?  What’s more is who would have ever thought that we’d wind up speaking to lawyers, government officials, politicians and taking on the plights of everyday citizens?  And if you ever told us that Andrew Breitbart would have connected to our VoIP channel, we would have told you that you were dreaming too.

Our research was never about finding answers people wanted to hear, but finding answers that were within the research that we had yet to even know existed.  We agree with Leo that a birth certificate is nothing more than a piece of paper, but the meaning behind it can make or break a nation.  To those who are of the mind that finding a piece of paper is the single-minded goal, your quest was not ours.  Ours was to wake the dead and let them speak again – those that wove the laws that built this great nation.  The quest was to find those voices and let them speak and we know they did.  Through the words of George Washington, David Ramsay, George D. Collins, Henry C. Ide and so on, it’s all there, one need only look and put their agendas aside.  The Constitution is not ambiguous as they would have you believe, but let that proof rise where they don’t have time to taint it again as the dissenters have with everything else you’ve spoken to date.  Our time will come…

Until then, this post and this song is dedicated to Leo Donofrio.  Thanks, brother!  You had more impact than you ever knew and we’re sure you still will in the future in whatever form you choose to return, we know you will.


Did you ever think
That we could be so close, like brothers
The future’s in the air
I can feel it everywhere
Blowing with the wind of change
Take me to the magic of the moment
On a glory night
Where the children of tomorrow dream away
in the wind of change

Wind of Change – SCORPIONS

“Wind of Change” was the soundtrack for the end of Communism and the bringing down of the Berlin Wall. We saw that rock music had a huge effect on the younger generation of Russians. They were tired of the whole Communist system. They were tired of being behind the Iron Curtain. We were breaking through the Iron Curtain with Scorpions’ music. We talked to young people back then and they told us that the time of the Cold War would be over soon. As a generation they didn’t want it anymore. I am not saying rock music did that but it was a part of it.Klaus Meine, Vocalist – SCORPIONS

The following segments to come will tell a story that will take much courage and separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.  Rile up your Tea Party.  We’ve got work to do.  If you don’t like getting dirty, the chaff bin is over there.




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  1. BRAVO steve et al….!!

    all i can say is BRAVO ….BRAVISSIMO!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Now following and will repost on here.

  3. Hi Juls!!! I always see that I miss you coming into the channel and wish our time changes were closer… one night I think I missed you by 1 HOUR! We’ll get it straight sooner or later, promise. Old times on the forums were great and we’re planning on doing something with that too. All that research is still all there and really is a memorial to how this thing grew the legs it did.

    Thanks for the email…. ummm, the song is about Communism and how it failed… but even more it goes back to a time before Obama where the word “change” had a totally different meaning because people were cheering the end of Communism. People back then understood that Socialism was either Communism itself or on the road to it and that what it promised was empty and void of HOPE.

    Fast forward to the 2008 campaign and it’s ironic how people embraced the same theme… HOPE & CHANGE… to usher back in what they do not understand. Bring that up to today and in our own streets are the hammer and sickle symbols embracing Communism and a Commander in Chief who ridiculed the Tea Party and praised what they now call, “Occupy Wall Street” in our own “parks”.

    I laughed when you said you watched it 4x. I watched it about 15! haha.. People might say, “What the hell are they doing putting up songs about the Berlin Wall, Germany and Russia? Where the hell are they going with this and how does it relate to the founders of the United States of America?”

    It’s not that cryptic, really. The symbols and the words were manipulated. Today they’re trying to use HOPE & CHANGE as a meaning for something good. This is a video about the damage Communism caused and how it was ushered in by Socialism and how it was only after it fell that real CHANGE for the good prevailed. The destruction of Communism was the CHANGE that gave people HOPE.

    It’s no different than the manipulation of the words in the Constitution they now claim mean something different. They lied.

    It’s all about the manipulation… lots of it… tons of it!

    • I’m the newest in this group (around 6 months now) but I’ve met Kelly and I have to say she’s a very smart girl with a hell of lot of spunk and energy.

      I’ve brought a crew with me to UR and my job is going to be educating people with tools they can use to dig out the communism she’s talking about. Yeah, we’re labeling it communism because it is and it’s happening right now. For those interested in the technical analysis, I’m your guy.

      Awesome song and research of where they ripped off the hope and change theme from an ’80’s song. You guys have a knack for seeing right through their lies and proving how they’re twisting history. We’re proud to be on board with UR.

  4. Yes, it is all about the manipulation of words, not just the ones in the Constitution, and about who is the master:

    We are in a war of words.

    Welcome back, Undead.

    • Welcome back yourself, Cindy!

      Great article, as usual. “Changing the narrative”.. you sound like Breitbart, but you knew that, right? ;0)

      You’ll be seeing a few new faces here writing out stuff that’s going to be unique. We’ll leave polishing it up to people like you.

  5. Glad to see your back, folks of the UR.

    Looking forward to your posts.

  6. Thank you, Steve and all the Undead Revolutionaries! Your work
    is monumental and I’m quite sure, if you ever get it published,
    will be historic. These are, after all, historic times. Never before
    has there been such an anti-American, UNconstitutionalist president
    in our White House. We are so blessed that you were called by
    your love of and loyalty to our precious country and her history to
    undertake this singularly vital research.

    The pursuit of truth is noble, worthy and most honorable. May God
    smile on your efforts.

    “… and an Angel in the whirlwind still directs this storm”

    PS .. It dawned on me today, while hearing the SCOTUS news,
    that even as Obama thought he was so cunning in removing
    Kagan from Solicitor Generalship so she would be a favorable
    vote on the Court, her replacement inexplicably stumbled and
    stuttered in his performances.

    What wonders may yet unfold. Our Angel … indeed.

    I apologize I’m slow getting more things up. We’ve been dumped a lot of material which was almost as painfully tedious to go through as historical documents. In fact, these are worse because there’s a present web of deceit to unravel, much of which is unexplored and where you can be of much help.

    I promise this will become more clear in the next few days. I’m trying to put it in chronological order but in a way that makes sense to everyone.

    Undead Revolution

  7. Hello everyone,

    I am glad to be here. Just reading up while I have a little time to do so. Miss all of the group. Wish that things could be different and Barky be long gone.


  8. Heya Kitty!!! What a great surprise! Welcome to the blog but pssstt… don’t mention the other place here. We’ve got a jerk stalking ZAPEM. But it’s ok because we’ve got our lawyer friends talking to someone higher up about that. You might want to read the latest story to see what that’s all about and catch up.

    Then hide because if Steve sees you, he’ll put you to work. 😉

    • Oh, Kelly, you are here!!! So glad to hear you again. Jill was writing over at the old place, you know where, and I told her that I hadn’t gotten a response back here yet. But I stand corrected. Maybe I just forgot where I stuck my post.

      Glad to know that you’re here. Still a lot of catching up to do.

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